Chase Southwest Cards 50,000 Points After $2,000 In Spend [Use At Own Risk]

Update 9/10/19: Just a reminder that these links are still working, some might prefer this than the 60,000 point deals.

Landing page links no longer work, but these should:

Update 3/20/19: There is now a landing page for the offers, that might make some people feel more comfortable using the links. It does say exclusive in flight only but that has never been enforced before.

Update 2/24/19: New links added, hat tip to Churner-McChurn-Face.

Update 2/5/19: New links have been added.

Update 1/11/19: These links/deals are still available. Keep in mind you can get 30,000 + companion pass for 2019 instead. Hat tip to FIRE_2045

Yesterday we shared that it was now possible to get a bonus of 60,000 points on all four Chase Southwest cards. The difficulty is the spend required on those offers. It has been possible to get 50,000 points after $2,000 in spend on the Southwest Plus personal card ($69 annual fee) and the Southwest Priority personal card ($149 annual fee) when applying during a Southwest flight and at some airports.

We now have confirmation data points that if you apply using these links when you’re not on a Southwest flight or at a participating airport you still get the bonus. Keep in mind there is no landing page for these offers confirming the sign up bonus, so apply at your own risk:

Earning 110,000 Southwest points earns you the Companion Pass. The best way to time your 110,000 miles is to earn the 110,000 threshold at the beginning of the calendar year since Companion Pass continues for the next entire calendar year. For example, if you earn 110,000 Southwest miles during January 2019, you’ll have the Companion Pass for the rest of 2019 and the entire 2020.

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